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My title Our firm has been managed with integrity and a sincere desire to assist all our clients. We are licensed under the California Department of Real Estate License number: 01092213

Full Service Real Estate Management

Our program for the management of rental properties is one of the best available. We manage your rental income properties to obtain the best market rents and control expenses. Our clients can rely upon professional service to handle any concerns that may occur in the monthly management for their account. We focus on the stability of long term rental income while keeping costs to a minimum. We charge an affordable flat monthly rate for our services. We do not charge Lease up costs or any extra charges to fill a vacancy. We are concerned with building a long term relationship with our clients, not charging extra costs or fees.

No Up Front Fees

Property information such as expenses, invoices, HOA dues and maintenance are included in our service package. Email alerts are sent to advise of upcoming expenses or property needs. Property taxes and insurance are noted in our systems to send an email alert when bills are due. Year End statements are issued to make annual income tax reporting simple.

No Hidden Charges or Costs

Rental Properties are managed with attention to upcoming maintenance issues. Maintaining control of the expenses and budgets for rental properties is key. Roof, Air Conditioning, Termite Inspections & Landscape are some of the property maintenance items that we handle for our clients. A well run and maintained property saves on expenses.


Professional Service

We handle the marketing of the vacant property as well as the screening of future tenants. The placement of a good tenant is very important to the property. We focus on keeping the property rents stable. We adhere to Fair Housing laws and regulations.